Ciara and Callum’s 16th Birthday at the McGuires Alexandra Hills Hotel

Ciara and Callum’s 16th birthday party was one of the wildest, craziest birthday party’s DJ Emily has ever been to. Every single guest was having an absolute ball, were loud and boisterous, and overall making sure Callum and Ciara had the best possible birthday party.

Callum spent the night with his friends, dancing and singing, laughing along with all his mates and cherishing the night. Ciara took it another step further as she was helping DJ Emily at the booth and having an absolute ball. She was a natural!

Ciara loved DJ’ing so much at her 16th birthday party that DJ Emily had to convince her to go and share a dance with her friends before time ran out! She knew exactly what all of her friends loved, and they were very proud watching their friend living her best life.

The music was so loud it could probably be heard throughout the entire function centre, along with everyone’s singing and jumping around. They danced to the classics such as ‘Wannabe’ and ‘It’s Tricky’, along with their favourite modern tracks from Cardi B and Drake.

The only time anyone stopped for a breather was when it was time to sing happy birthday to Callum and Ciara, and afterwards even the cupcakes didn’t survive the carnage. DJ Emily thinks these guys were even crazier than the kids at her school discos, and she had an absolute ball.

They even managed to squeeze in a couple of games, notably Limbo, where not many participated but all were jumping at the chance to be on their friend’s cheer squad. The one boy who kept playing who get all his friends to clap along and then there was an uproar when he successfully limbo’d. They also had an intense lip sync battle, where Ciara was the judge and it really was a tough decision between the two boys.

For a crazy, endless party, it truly was amazing, and DJ Emily hopes that Ciara and Callum had the best 16th birthday party EVER!