Wilston State School – End of Season Disco

Swimming Break Up Party Awards Night

DJ Sam was lucky enough to celebrate the success of the Wilston Crocs swimming season break up party at Wilston State School.

After the team members collected their trophies and medals during the ceremony it was soon time to dance the night away. The lights went out, the pizza was hot and we were ready to celebrate the hard work, team training and success of a wonderful swimming season. What better way to celebrate than with a dance party?

In between bites of pizza there was singing, dancing, games and more.

Staring off with a super big warm up to ‘Juicy Wiggle’ we played a game of bob and freeze, but not just any freeze..they had to freeze like an animal. The kids got really creative with their animals noises and poses, we had flamingos, bears, tigers but most importantly CROCS!

Not shy of the microphone we had a singing competition, showing off their awesome singing skills. The prep girls definitely were the shining stars of the singing competition singing along to Disney Hits and Katie Perry.

The highlight of the night was the limbo competition; we had three year 4  judges supervise the limbo stick competition. What started off as an easy competition got very serious with three winners being announced.  The year four judges loved being allowed to make announcements over the microphone.

While the parents got to chill out and relax, the kids were entertained all night long with all the latest hits. A super long conga line snaked it’s way through the dance floor. It went up, down and all around.

The Wilston Crocs were happy to finish the night off with another game of freeze.