S.W.S.S Summer School Disco!

Well it was back to my old primary school that I used to go to, to once again entertain the kids for their summer school disco.

It was great to see all the kids dressed in their Hawaiian Theme outfits, with Flower Crowns and Summer Shirts & Shorts. It was the perfect attire for what was a hot humid night! The kids got divided into 2 groups. Prep – Year 2, and then Yr 3 to Yr 6, and started with my FAVORITE group of kids – the Prep Kids.

The kids arrived with their juice popper, water & small chips/popcorn + glow stick and there was also a Sausage Sizzle as well available for when the kids got hungry from dancing.

I brought some extra Lights & Laser Lights, and Smoke Machine by request of the Teachers which made it SO MUCH more amazing, the kids went crazy over the smoke machine, and watching the lights through the smoke.

The junior kids had a great time – we did my usual dance routines and antics that follow at a School Disco, and even got the Teachers in for a dance too. The senior kids also came in around 7:00pm for a dance and they had a great time too. We did some surprise games and picked a few kids out of the audience to get involved with some fun – and then did some Nae Nae and a few slow dance songs as well.

I’m looking forward to the next School Disco! 🙂