St Luke’s Catholic School Disco

DJ JAMES was out at St Luke’s Catholic School Disco on Friday night for some fun & games with all of the students.

It was a Beach Themed Night so all of the kids came dressed in their beach attire! DJ JAMES started off the night with some great tunes and the kids started dancing as soon as they arrived and met their friends! We did some musical statues – to start the night off and then after some yummy food it was time for some more fun & games.

JAMES got the kids to show him how to do the Nae Nae, and then halfway through the disco we had a beach tunnel ball game – with kids divided into 4 lines. After the winners were declared – some food vouchers were given out as prizes, followed by more dancing afterwards. We did the Nut Bush with Mums & Dads, and Students and gave prizes to the best boy & best girl dancers.

A few more games afterwards and favourite songs – with prizes given out to the best dressed boy & girl – all the kids really enjoyed St Luke’s Catholic School Disco!