Date of Function: 11/03/2016
Venue: St Kierans Primary School
5:30pm – 8:00pm


Services Provided: Music, Kids Entertainment

DJ JAMES was out at St Kierans Primary School disco tonight – for their Pyjama Disco Night!

After a quick introduction by DJ JAMES and overview of the rules and safety – he got straight into it. Kids were even dancing as soon as 5:30pm so they were very eager to start their night!

DJ JAMES picked out some volunteers to help him with a few games, and also gave out some prizes as well. We played our favourite Musical Statue’s game, and then more dancing followed. It was a very energetic crowd! About an hour into the night we did a few more games getting the kids into a few groups – and even played a oldie, but a goodie – Sleeping Lions game where the kids had to pretend they were asleep!

We had best dressed winners, with Pink Unicorns are Real T-Shirt and the best Boy Dressed was John!

Overall the kids at St Kierans Primary School had a great night and had lots of fun.