DJ Kelly and DJ Sam were ready to rock as they entered the 70’s disco themed night. The hall was decorated in disco balls, boogie signs, streamers, wouldn’t be the 70’s themed disco without sequins and rainbow hippy signs, it was a night to remember.

The disco era is full of amazing tunes so we had to feature some old school 70’s hits from ABBA, Saturday Night Fever, Bee Gee’s, Earth Wind Fire and so much more.

The costumes were incredible and the girls from St Hilda’s came dressed to impressed, it looked like they had stepped out of a Hollywood movie set from the 70’s. There were afro disco groovers, rainbow dressed hippy’s and fabulous sparkly diva’s .  Lots of amazing wigs and props too.

DJ Kelly started off the night with a bang with some Waterloo, disco moves. We had a crazy dance circle with all the grade’s jumping into the middle of the circle and showcasing their crazy moves. The conga line was a big hit throughout the night with all the year levels joining in. The girls loves singing into the microphone and showcasing their crazy singing.

The rainbow limbo stick made an appearance with even some mums and teachers making their way under the limbo stick.

Queen’s WE WILL ROCK YOU, sure got the crowd pumping, stamping their feet, rocking out like true 70’s style rockstars.

DJ Kelly and DJ Sam was playing all the latest hits, taking requests, rocking the stage and having an awesome time.

We finished the night with an awesome performance of This is Me from The Greatest Showman. What a fantastic night of singing, dancing, acting and craziness.

See you next time St Hilda’s, DJ Sam and Dj Kelly had a blast.