Norman Park State School is always a lot of fun when DJ Emily visits. Their discos are crazy, the students an absolute ball, and it always leaves everyone wanting the party to keep going.

First up was the preps-2s, who wasted no time in busting a move on the dancefloor and running amok. DJ Emily let them run wild for a couple of moments at the beginning, seeing just how much energy the students had for their disco.

They were so excited and couldn’t wait to get right into the dancing, with DJ Emily rallying the troops into a big circle to show off their special dance moves. The grades each took a turn to demonstrate their skills in the middle, then DJ Emily made it trickier for them and called upon those wearing jackets or having certain letters in their names. The dance circle did the trick, and they were ready to rock. DJ Emily then got them to sing along to Shake It Off and Firework as loud as they could, trying to wake the school’s neighbours! They also played games such as Limbo, Boys vs Girls, and the Madagascar game. DJ Emily had a blast with the younger kids and was pumped for the older ones!

The grade 3-6’s didn’t hold back as they came in blazing. DJ Emily warmed them up with a similar dance circle, and they were even crazier than the younger students. They continued from their circle into some rad dance tracks like I Love It and Freaks and singing with all their might.

They jammed to the Macarena and Gangnam Style, and even put their skills to use for Musical Statues and Limbo. However, the game that took the cake was the Boys vs Girls challenge, where the dancing was so competitive, and the results were tight. Ultimately, the adults watching deemed the girls the winners, but that didn’t dampen the boys’ spirits.

Norman Park State School was an incredible disco, and DJ Emily is incredibly humbled to be asked back for the third year in a row. The students are always fun and leaving with smiles on their faces, which is all DJ Emily could have asked for.