Newmarket State School Disco

Dj Sam and Dj Emily swished and splashed their way through a sea of flowers, pineapples, surfboards and flip flops in true Tropical Hawaiian style.

The theme was Hawaiian and we were ready to dip our feet in the sand and go for a surf dude! We kick started the night with an awesome warm up and game of bob and freeze but in true beach theme we had to freeze like an underwater animal and bob like a crab! Dj Sam made the kids come up with some crazy crab moves and even crab noises just to give everybody a laugh. It was time to paddle out to sea on our surfboards and ride some waves, we balanced on our surfboards, did the dolphin jump and the stingray sway!

Dj Emily was on fire as she danced to Shake it off followed by a game of Ship, Shark, Shore!! Dj Sam couldn’t beat the kids during this one they were way too fast for her.

It was time for a grade vs grade dance off as a massive circle was formed on the dance floor. The year 3’s took out the prize with their crazy moves and dedication. The parents even joined in on the circle with a groove and boogie with the kids.

Some of the hit games of the night were corners with our token mascot for the night ‘DJ PINEAPPLE’ the kids were screaming Dj pineapple throughout the game. Dj Sam was spinning the pineapple and whoever the pineapple landed on was the winners!

The raffles were announced with awesome prize give aways followed by an awesome dance off between the girls and boys..the BOYS took out the competition with their amazing Bruno Mars moves.

Mums and dads made their way to the dance floor and showed off their awesome Footloose moves and it was time for the best family dance off!

The best family made their way up to the stage and won awesome prizes for their awesome dancing.

We finished off an awesome Hawaiian party with some YMCA, Gangmen Style and singing our hearts out to The Greatest Showmen, This is me!

Thanks so much for having us Newmarket State School!