Chatsworth State School Disco – Gympie

It was a long drive to Chatsworth State School all the way up in Gympie that Friday morning, but DJ Emily was proud to admit that it was 110% worth it. The students were already beaming with excitement at it being the last day of school but having an awesome disco and platter feast truly peaked their enthusiasm and had them riled up and ready to expel some energy through partying.

First up was the Preps – Grade 3’s, ready to rock and roll and show DJ Emily just how much fun the students were willing to have. They started in a big circle, and they’d take turns to jump in the middle and dance if the term DJ Emily called out related to them. There were categories such as wearing red, wearing a hoodie, or having the letter ‘E’ in their name! Then they launched into a fierce a conga line that took up the entire dancefloor. They then sung along to Firework and You’re Welcome, making sure the older grades upstairs could hear how loud and proud their singing was. They then launched into a game of corners, the bright lights making it easy for the students to choose their favourite colour and pray that their corner would win. They then came back together to do more singing and dancing, being sure to include every single teacher and student to make sure everyone was having an absolute blast. They also played musical statues and Limbo, and truly had the best disco ever!

The 4’s-6’s at first were seemingly too cool to dance and have fun, but only after the first song did DJ Emily have them busting out their dance moves! They danced to Gangnam Style, Watch Me Whip and belted out their singing voices to Glorious. They had plenty of requests, so the disco was customised to them, so there was no reason for them to stop being so involved. The school captains even went head to head in a lip sync battle, where the results were so tight that the teachers had to vote, and the girls took home the victory.

It was an amazing disco for the last day of Term 2, and surely the students will be buzzing about it all through their school holidays. Thank you for having DJ Emily, Chatsworth State School!