YMCA Jamboree Heights Kids Disco

DJ SAM got to party with the gymnastics kids from Jamboree Heights YMCA. This was the opportunity for the kids to let lose on the gym equipment while listening to some crazy tunes, while the parents got a night off to chill out and relax.

These kids train so hard all week so it was so nice for them to relax and play in the gym with their training buddies.

Lots of moves involved gymnastic moves such as flips, cartwheels, rolls, handstands, splits, kicks and so much more. We even had competitions showing off the best tricks and moves. There were a variety of aged children from 6-16 years at this event and DJ SAM catered to all year levels.

Lots of up beat pop style music was played so the kids could show off their hard work in class.

We played games such as follow the leader, secret dancer, freeze and their all time favorite, THE FLOOR IS LAVA, when the music stops you have to make sure you are not touching the floor, lucky there was lots of gym equipment for the kids to hang off.

All of the gym coaches loved joining in throughout the night and showing off their awesome moves. The conga and limbo were also popular highlights of the night but it wouldn’t be a YMCA event without..of course, the Village People’s YMCA. The whole gym erupted as the whole gang performed the dance with DJ SAM’s special moves. This song was a great way to end a fun relaxed night of music and laughter.

See you next time Jamboree Heights YMCA! We promise we will practice our cartwheels for next time.