Neurum Creek Bush Retreat Kids Disco

The fire was crackling, beanies and uggboots were on and the camping squad at Neurum Creek Bush Retreat were ready to rumble. In true Neurum tradition the Saturday night movie was on in the community area before the disco kicked off. Once the movie finished and we packed away the camp chairs the disco was ready to begin. DJ SAM had never seen so many participants, the camp ground was at full capacity which meant one thing, DANCE FLOOR OVERLOAD!

The entire dance floor was flooded as soon as the first song started. Mums and Dads were surrounding the floor encouraging the kids to show off their crazy moves, some adults even joining in the dance circle as the kids cheered them on.

There was traditional bush dance songs such as Cotton Eye Joe, Chicken Dance and of course the Nutbush. The air guitar competition went off as the drummers, guitar players and lead singers smashed out their rock star moves to some ACDC.

The girls won the dance off with their crazy moves and cheering to Bang Bang, we think the mums had more fun on the girls team showing off their fantastic moves.

DJ SAM was handing out lots of prizes throughout the night to all the crazy dancers and singers thanks to the lovely staff at Neurum for supplying the lollies, the kids loved them!

This was the busiest DJ SAM had ever seen the dance floor with lots of new campers joining in and meeting new friends. What a fantastic way for the community to come together.

DJ SAM played some old school tunes such as Spice Girls, Miley Cyrus and The Proclaimers.

A fantastic night keeping warm by dancing all night long, waving glowsticks and jumping up and down to our favorite tunes.