Lollipops Playland Strathpine Kids Disco

DJ Emily had the pleasure of entertaining the children at Lollipop’s Playland for their biggest kids disco party ever! Around 70 kids came to dance, play games, and run rampant on the playground ready for bed afterwards in their pyjamas! DJ Emily wish she could have worn her PJ’s as well, she would have loved to join the kids in their comfort!

The night started off well, with the kids enjoying the playground and dancing not only on the dancefloor but whilst they were running through the obstacles! DJ Emily made sure to put on music that they would be sure to rock out and sing-a-long to, so that they were making full use of the facilities and forms of entertainment offered at Lollipops that night.

They danced to Gangnam Style, Taylor Swift, and Justice Crew to showcase their rad moves. Soon into the night, Lollipops the Cat himself came out to hang out and dance along to the best hits and the kids were absolutely in awe of the mascot’s interaction. Lollipops was also dazzled by the kids dance moves and took it upon himself to adopt their dance moves into his own routines.

DJ Emily played games with them as well, having them riled up and excited all through a game of Corners where the kids chanced their luck to see if they could win the round. It was intense and exciting, and no one wanted the game to end. They also played the numbers game that involves kids have to get into groups of certain numbers when the music stopped. DJ Emily was impressed with how quick everyone got into their groups, it was amazing. The other games played was the classic animal-impersonation game Madagascar and everyone’s favourite Musical Statues!

The highlight of the night was definitely when parents were invited to try and win a prize with their kids. The best family dancing won a Lollipops family pass, and the parents did rock their socks off to Footloose. It was a fun, entertaining night that left everyone with a smile on their faces.