Wynnum & District Netball Club Break Up Party Disco

Everyone was incredibly excited for the break-up party, all the parents and kids coming in ready to dance and have an amazing time. The night started off smoothly, everyone having a dance, buying glow sticks and warming up while all their friends arrived at the party. DJ Emily was raring to go, feeding off the energy of the crowd and growing more excited with every song.

They started off with the current radio hits such as ‘Friends’ and ‘These Days’, singing loudly and proudly while also dancing their funky moves. All ages were involved in the dancing, the older kids even helping the little kids with their dance moves and teaching something new. Then they all started on the Macarena, where the little ones followed their seniors and DJ Emily as they learnt the iconic dance to the song.

As the night went on, the music varied, and everyone began to listen to old classics such as ABBA, Bon Jovi, and Guns n Roses. Having all the classics also invited all of the parents on to the dancefloor and bust out their moves with their children. It was hard to tell who was singing the classics louder!

The kids also were so intensely playing games, showing their competitive side that surely comes from the Netball court! The rocked at the Madagascar Game, and absolutely dominated at Musical Statues. There was so much madness and fun, that nobody wanted it to end!

They also played a Boys vs Girls dance-off, where a couple of girls joined the boys’ side to help out their dwindling numbers. Although, in the end, the parents voted the girls as the winners and were subjected to enthusiastic cheering!

The rest of the night was spent dancing out all of their energy, breaking a sweat and just enjoying the night to the fullest. DJ Emily is grateful to have been invited and knows everyone had just as much fun as she did!