YMCA Jamboree Heights Kids Disco

Dj Sam got to celebrate with YMCA Jamboree Heights Crew for their Fundraiser Disco for Tammy Vo representing Australia in gymnastics. The whole community came together to raise funds for Tammy and her family. There was delicious traditional Vietnamese food and raffles tickets for sale. All the boys and girls were excited to have a boogie on the dance floor but more importantly get involved in the Ninja warrior obstacle course. We were running, jumping, rolling, bumping and crawling our way throughout the disco.

There was lots of singing along at the fundraiser disco to songs such as Taylor Swift, One Direction, Bruno Mars and some old school Spice Girls. We kicked off the disco with a superhero warm up and Cha Cha slide which had the mums and dads clapping along, even the little 2/3 year olds were bopping along.

There was lots of cartwheels, forward rolls, splits and leaps going on all around the gym.

The big kids loved dancing to Whip Nae Nae and of course YMCA!

Lots of money was raised in support of Tammy and her family to head to Melbourne for the competition.

The little kids got to watch Tammy do her tricks on the beam and the bar as they listened to music and danced along.

Thanks for having us YMCA Jamboree Heights, DJ SAM feels like a part of the family now!