Glow in the Dark Disco Parties

Turn off the lights and turn up the fun with a Activ8’s Glow in the Dark Disco Party! This neon themed party is one of the most popular selections for many kid’s parties.

There’s no better feeling than turning on the first party song through the speakers as they dance under the funky colored lights.

Our Neon Lights will brighten up your atmosphere!

It’s a whole new world! At first they might stare at each other, inspect their glowing clothing, and giggle, but then they get right into the party and dance the night away.

Our DJs always create a fun-filled atmosphere that makes you get up and dance with your friends.

With our Glow in the Dark UV lights feel free to ramp up the neon fun with easy decorating details that make the neon lights come alive.

Some party hosts have decorated with cool UV pens, glow necklaces or bracelets, and neon paint. Once we click on the lights, you will be amazed at how the space is transformed!

Fun Guaranteed - UV Neon Party

Watch as the kids FREAK out in excitement as they dance under the Neon Lights!

We would love to help you plan your special Glow Disco event with a variety of amazing neon and UV lights.

Of course, every party is staffed by our energetic, professional mobile DJ staff who always make sure that the guests are having a great time with a great variety of fun-filled songs. As the night goes along, we make sure that everyone has plenty to eat and drink with snack breaks and cool down sessions under the glowing party lights.

What’s Included in your Booking?

Most parties we do with kids, generally go for 2 hours, as we find that this is a good amount of time to do games with them along with dancing & entertainment.

There’s heaps of activities we offer for a fun energy like, playing musical statues, and other entertaining games as well. plus group & team games to get them all up and dancing with their friends.  All our options include colourful lighting to enhance the party atmosphere.

Here’s a few more details about our parties,

    • Your disco will be FUN & ENTERTAINING…
    • We provide all our own EQUIPMENT & LIGHTS…
      • We can work with YOUR format, or we can work with our own…
    • Happily take music requests from the kids…
    • No inappropriate music…

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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